Customer Intimacy Assessment: A Diagnostic

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I'm often asked by senior executives about how they should assess their company's progress on the Customer Intimacy Journey.
A quick Customer Intimacy Assessment can be done by answering the following set of questions. Executives should be familiar with the key milestones for each phase, and, most importantly, they need to be as objective as possible in order to come up with their next set of actions.

Getting Started

  • Does your organization understand that this is a business model and not a sales technique?
  • Does the executive team understand what it takes to be successful?
  • Do you have buy-in for the long term transformation?

Forming the Business

  • Do you have ideas that are strictly applicable to the niche (vertical market) you want to compete in?
  • Do you have proof points to differentiate your company?
  • Are you selling to the key executives in your target market?
  • Can you upsell more solutions to the executives you currently serve?

Commercializing the Business

  • Can you save disaffected accounts?
  • Do you add new accounts through solutions?
  • Are you pulling through significant product deals?
  • Do you have a portfolio that touches several key executives in the vertical?
  • Can you grow rapidly?

Scaling the Business

  • Do you have integrated verticals where key accounts are run by a Customer Intimacy business model?
  • Do you have large transactions sold without sales activity?
  • Have you eliminated some corporate cost by leveraging solution teams to do them?

Dominating the Market

  • Are you running the company/business in a new way?
  • Have you changed your performance metrics?
  • Are you still running to business models - old and new?
  • Are you promoting Customer Intimacy leaders to top leadership jobs?

At McMann & Ransford we guide our clients throughout the Customer Intimacy Journey - from getting started to dominating the market. Do you know where you stand?  

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